Massage Fascia Gun with Noise Reduction

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*Relieve muscle stiffness and soreness* A massage gun is great to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, and promote blood and lymph circulation. For athletes, it can speed up recovery after a workout. 

*Massage Options* This massager is equipped with 6 different replaceable shaped massage heads, which can help relax different parts of the body. The front fork massage head is designed for the spine; flat, any part of the body; bullet head for joints; first round for large muscle groups. There are 20 adjustable speed levels.

*Good design and power*: The handheld massager weighs only one kilogram ( or 2.2 pounds). The ergonomically designed grip minimizes external vibration. The durable non-slip silicone grip makes the massager easier and more comfortable to hold. The wireless massager is equipped with a high-quality lithium battery, which can maintain up to 4 to 6 hours of working time after each charge and has an LED battery indicator. 

*Portable*: Includes portable storage travel case so you can take it wherever you want.  Bring it to the gym, on a business trip or even on vacation for additional relaxation. 


  1. Includes 6 different massage heads to meet various needs.
  2. Effectively reduce muscle stiffness and soreness, and increase blood circulation.
  3. 20-speed adjustment, you can choose the speed that suits you.
  4. The intelligent timing function of 10 minutes ensures the long life of the machine.

Before turning on the massage gun, put massager on your body, turn on, then move it slowly over your body. We recommend that you set the movement speed to 1 inch per second and each massage cycle should last 10 minutes