How to raise your frequency?! 11 tips to help you now

How to raise your frequency?! 11 tips to help you now

How do you go about raising your frequency?!  Here are some ways that help to get that vibe up!

1. Stay active/workout - there is nothing like a sweat session to get your heartbeat and your spirits up. There are so many great ways to workout these days (classes, a trainer, in your home, game consoles, etc.).  There are many other benefits to being active, including helping with your mental state and  fighting off disease! Exercise can help with diffuse thinking (as opposed to focused), which can help you solve those problems you can't when your focused on them. If you do not like to 'work out' take a walk, shoot hoops or garden.  There are many wonderful activities that can keep you moving and your vibe high. 

2. Listen to music - there is nothing like listening to a favorite song to raise that frequency. The frequency of the music affects yours! And if you are in the mood, sing along for an extra boost!

3. Do a favorite activity -  whatever that is for you!  We like to read, take walks in nature, get coffee with a friend, dance in the living room, watch a good show or movie, lift weights....oh and working for Fit Frequency of course ;-) 

dancing in the living room

4. Meditate - like working out there are so many benefits to meditating one of the best being to lower stress. Of course, depending on what is going on and how 'fit' your frequency is, this is not always easy.  Tip: find a short guided meditation on YouTube.  You can choose a 1 to 5 minute meditation depending on how distracted you are in that moment.  Sometimes all we can do is 1 or 2 minutes, but it helps!

5. Breathe - stress and anxiety can cause us to have a shortness of breathe or worse. Sometimes just stopping and focusing on taking deep breaths can help! A lot of meditations focus on your breathing.  Try breathing in for a count of 3 and out for a count of 3.  

6. Sleep more - sleep not only helps our body repair and recover, it also helps us to be happier!

7. Think of a favorite memory or moment - this is a great way to get your vibe up quickly.

8. Phone a friend or family member or  go hang out with one- preferably someone who often has a fit frequency! 

9. Get outside - going outside can improve your mood, especially when there is sunshine.  Run an errand or take a hike if the weather permits. 

10. Re-frame - instead of looking on the negative side try the positive or the next best thought you can get to; with practice, this gets easier.  Tip: look at things as opportunities or things you get to do.

11. Smile - the best is yet to come....