Women, especially, have been held to a lot of standards of how they should look.  There is always some trendy body look; the tiny waist and fuller hips of the 50's, the slim Twiggy look of the 60's...fast forward to the 90's with Sir Mix A Lots 'I Like Big Butts' that ushered in an era of girls feeling less than if they didn't have a 'big' butt.  What are you do do if you don't meet this standard? How are you to feel?  A lot of us are left feeling not good enough and are always fighting to be more attractive and more beautiful. 

To make it more challenging, there are only so many things you can do to change your shape, so why do we continue to make ourselves feel bad? Let's stop the shame!  Let's make all shapes and sizes the norm. I have to admit, if I see a girl wearing a cute skirt, even with cellulite on her legs it makes me feel like it is OK to wear something that reveals cellulite. We can all help each other!  That is why we created #BodyLove shirt in our signature Fit Frequency color scheme. 

Our #BodyLove shirt is a reminder to keep the body positivity movement going!  It starts with you.